Advertising your application

We may advertise planning permit applications so affected people can comment before our final decision. Find out about our advertising process.

During the assessment process, we may advertise your planning permit application so affected people can comment before our final decision. We can advertise any material submitted with your application, including plans and personal information.

Deciding whether to advertise

When you lodge your application, we'll decide if and how we’ll advise owners and occupiers of adjoining land or any other person. Advertising is generally how we give this notice.

When deciding whether to advertise, we'll look at things like:

  • the scale of development
  • the type of land use proposed
  • hours of operation and types of activity
  • the sensitivity of surrounding land uses and the local context.

We won’t advertise the application if one of the following applies:

  • The planning scheme formally states that advertising isn’t required.
  • We’re satisfied that the application won’t have a negative impact or cause material detriment to any person.

The advertising process

If we decide to advertise, we’ll issue a written direction. You can expect this within a reasonable time after you lodge the application and provide all required information. The advertising period is at least 14 days.

We can advertise through the following mediums:

  • signs on the subject site
  • letters to affected properties
  • newspaper advertisement (local press).

We also usually advise neighbours of the permit application by letter, and post notices outside the property.

Planning register - search for advertised planning applications

You can search for planning permit applications on our planning register, using application number, property address or date.

Follow these steps to search for an application:

Support or object to an application

If you have concerns about a planning permit application, you can lodge an objection. You can also make a submission to support an application. We must consider all submissions before making a decision.