Darebin Young Citizen's Jury

Advising Council on issues and barriers to equality affecting people in the City of Darebin who identify as LGBTIQ+.


The purpose of this Committee is to:

  • To provide a platform that enables young people to be an active contributor and co-designer that address current issues that are important to young people.
  • To provide a space that enables discussion and allows for diverse views to be shared and examined. (Where appropriate expert voices will be drawn upon to ensure all points of view are considered).
  • To allow other stakeholders within Council and external service providers to seek input and feedback from young people into policy and projects as deemed relevant by Jury members.
  • To identify and action relevant projects and initiatives that address key issues that are important to Darebin’s young people
  • To ensure a youth voice is elevated to council regarding key issues that are important to Darebin’s young people.

The Committee shall have regard to and act in accordance with Council’s strategic objectives and priorities. Specifically, the Committee will have regard to the following strategies, plans, frameworks, policies and plans:

  • Community Vision
  • Council Plan 2021 – 2025
  • Toward Equity: Equity, Inclusion and Human Rights Framework 2019 – 2029

Specific Council strategies, frameworks, plans and policies relevant to this Committee:

  • Youth Services Strategy 2019 - 2021

Terms of reference

Composition and membership

This Committee comprises of Councillor(s) appointed by Council annually and a Council Officer nominated by the Chief Executive Officer (both non-voting) and any other persons, and representatives of organisations as determined by resolution of Council and as specified in Appendix A of Terms of Reference.

Specified members of Committees (excluding Councillors) shall be appointed to this Committee. All appointments will be for an initial period of 2 years with the option for a further maximum period through to the 30 June in the year following each General Election upon re- application.

A Councillor shall be the Chairperson of this Committee

Presently, Committee comprises of the following Councillors/members:

Nominated Councillors


Meetings of this committee will be held quarterly unless determined by the Committee Chair and Council Officer in order to allow for the timely consideration and provision of advice to Council on particular, time-sensitive matters from time to time.

Committees may, with the approval of the relevant General Manager, meet more frequently on a limited and specific basis (if required).

The meetings will be closed to the public.

More Information

Youth Services Coordinator
Phone: 03 8470 8001
Email: youth.services@darebin.vic.gov.au