Community Safety Map consultation

Published on 12 September 2023

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Share your experiences of places that make you feel safe or unsafe in Darebin.

We support a community where everyone is equal and respected. We want to know more about your experiences and take these into consideration for future planning. We want to know if you feel safe and about your experiences - anywhere around Darebin - from the parks, pools and sports facilities you visit, to streets and public transport stops. We want to know about places where you don't feel equal and respected, to help us influence the services, programs and facilities that we deliver.

We want to hear from you no matter your age, gender or background. Your story can help create a more equal and respectful community for everyone.

This project aims to collect data and experiences as an update to the previous community safety and gender equity map project from 2019. We will use your feedback to plan make public spaces in Darebin safer and more inclusive, and the results of this current engagement will help us improve the services, facilities and spaces we manage.

Feedback from the community will also help with the prioritisation for delivery of future improvement projects.

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