Have Your Say on our Community Engagement Improvement Plan and Policy

Published on 04 June 2024

Older people in a park having heaps of fun

Engagement is about asking you, the community, to have your say and participate in decisions about Council’s policies, strategies and activities.

We value the opinions and perspectives of the Darebin community. This is why we are implementing a Community Engagement Improvement Plan to deliver on our commitment to being an inclusive Council that listens to its diverse community members.  

We want to know, how would you like to be involved in the decisions we make in Darebin? How can we encourage community participation?

What are some of the challenges that stop you from having your say in Council decisions? How can we make sure community engagements in Darebin are accessible to everyone?

What do you think of the aims in the Community Engagement Policy to encourage and improve community participation in Council decisions?

Help us improve the way we engage with the community. Have your say on our Community Engagement Improvement Plan and Policy until 2 July at the dedicated Your Say page


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