Jobs Victoria

Jobs Victoria can assist with finding new staff and tailor support building new teams. Also find out about wage subsidies and recruitment support.


As an employer you can get information specifically designed to guide you the process of engaging with job seekers through Jobs Victoria.

The Jobs Victoria online hub gives you access to a labour pool for new jobs and recruitment services, including job matching.  You can register to advertise jobs to qualified workers on the online hub.

The Job Victoria Partners, work in communities like Darebin and provide help to employers who are looking for workers. 

Jobs Victoria can also work with you to help you access subsidies such as the Jobs Victoria Fund (see further information under Incentives for Employers)


Job Seekers

Jobs Victoria provides you with advice and support to help you find work. It offers you information, advice, and support online, phone and in-person.

With services to complement this program including:

  • Jobs Victoria career counsellors and mentors
  • Jobs Victoria Advocates
  • Youth employment programs
  • Translated information
  • Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES). Darebin Council has partnered with Brotherhood of St Laurence to deliver this service.