Noisy animals

Barking dogs and noisy animals can be a nuisance. We can help you and the pet owner with advice.

Barking dogs and noisy animals can be a nuisance. If you have an issue with a neighbour's noisy animal, speak to the owners first about a possible solution. A pet owner has the responsibility to ensure that their animal does not become a nuisance.

Noise will only be considered a nuisance if it is persistent and disrupts your peace, comfort or convenience. We can give the owner advice on how to fix the problem.

Dogs, by their very nature bark some possible reasons may be from:

  • Boredom
  • Lack of exercise
  • Neighbourhood cats
  • Birds
  • Anything that moves

If the problem persists, then contact us for advice. We may ask you to keep records to show how often and how long the nuisance has continued on for.

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Noise - dog barking
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