Decibels Youth Music

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Decibels Youth Music is a place for people aged 13 to 25 to make and record music, learn skills and connect with people who love music and the arts.

Decibels is a free service and people are welcome to drop in.

Bookings are encouraged in order to avoid disappointment. If wanting to reserve a particular space or piece of equipment, this can be done by calling, texting, emailing, or sending a direct message on Instagram.

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There's lots of opportunities to get involved.

About the service

At Decibels you can:

  • Listen to music
  • Play instruments
  • Borrow equipment
  • Use computers to make music and use the internet
  • Record raps, vocals, instruments and bands
  • Get help to develop and finish musical and artistic projects
  • Organise events
  • Get help linking up with other services
  • Book remote online mentoring sessions with our youth worker/contractors

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Weekly programs

Our facilities

Studio A

You can use Studio A to record vocals and instruments, or just to play instruments or rehearse. It's set up with a PA, drum kit and piano, as well as guitars, amplifiers and keyboards.

Studio B

A technology and media room with six computer workstations which run audio and video software. It also features midi-keyboards, audio interfaces and headphones.

Studio C

This is our main control room. It includes a Mac Pro with ProTools, Ableton Live, Logic and FL studio, a range of pre-amps and professional studio monitors. It's ideal for finishing the mixes for your tracks and recording vocals and solo instruments.

Opening hours

The space is open 12:30–6:00pm Tuesday to Friday (12:30—4pm for studio access / bookings and 4—6pm for programs).

More information

Level 1, Reservoir Community Learning Centre, 23 Edwardes St, Reservoir.

Decibels Youth Music and Arts

Phone: 0419 750 106 (Tuesday to Friday during business hours)

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