Sports grants

Children playing a game of soccer

Find out about Council and industry sports grants programs available for individuals, clubs and projects. 

Industry Grant and Funding Opportunities

  • Sport and Recreation Victoria offer annual sports club grants and other grant programs
  • VicHealth offer annual health and wellbeing grants for sport and recreation club and organisations
  • Australian Sports Foundation is a free service for sports clubs to fundraise and manage funding campaigns online for individuals and club projects.
  • Play For Purpose Sports Raffle - Sport Australia offer a national sports raffle that allows clubs to register and sell tickets for collective prizes and take a $5 rebate to help club fundraising.
  • Kids Voucher Program from Victorian Government offers $200 vouchers to help reimburse costs of junior sport for eligible juniors and families.
  • State Sporting Bodies and Leagues sometimes offer their own funding programs support their affiliate clubs or through their sponsors, so check in with your SSA or league contact on a regular basis.
  • Change Our Game offers grants to develop women and girls in sport
  • Shade grants from Victorian Government help fund shade structures at community facilities
  • Community safety grants from Victorian Government offers funding for initiatives to help create safer community facilities
  • Local MPs - contact your local minister of parliament at a state or national level about funding or grant opportunities available to your club, invite them to key club events and matches to discuss your club needs and aspirations.

More information

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