Human rights

We are committed to protect, fulfil and promote the human rights of all citizens in the City of Darebin. Do you know your human rights?

Everyone has human rights

The concept of human rights dates back to the earliest philosophical ideas of how people can live together as a community. This concept is also the basis of various international agreements, including the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

Four values are the foundation of human rights: freedom, respect, equality and dignity. These values express how we need to be treated in order to feel like a human being.

Having human rights also means respecting the human rights of others. We must not do or say things that limit the human rights of other people, including family members, children, friends, neighbours, and the people we work or volunteer with.

The Darebin Human Rights Action Plan 2012-2015(PDF, 5MB) (extended to 2017) is Council’s commitment to the actions it will take to protect, fulfil and promote the human rights of all citizens in the City of Darebin. These actions further embed human rights within Council’s culture and practice at all levels, and commit Council to working with residents and communities based on the key human rights values of freedom, respect, equality and dignity.

The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities

The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities protects 20 human rights of all Victorians. Many of the organisations that provide a public service to the community must comply with and promote the Charter.

All public services must think about the 20 Charter rights when making decisions, laws and policies and when delivering programs and services. They must avoid limiting these rights as much as possible.

Advocating for human rights

When you use a public service you can expect that your human rights will be respected and that you will be treated fairly. But if this does not happen as it should, the Charter can be used to advocate for your rights. The Charter is a practical tool and is designed to be used by everyday people, to back them up when they have been treated unfairly.

Council has developed a step by step guide(PDF, 453KB) to advocating for human rights using the Charter, which can be used by citizens and community groups. We believe that the community is stronger when everyone respects one another’s human rights. If you require a paper copy, please get in touch with the Human Rights Officer.

Further information

Darebin Human Rights Officer
Phone: (03) 8470 8446