Advocating for all of our community

Entrance photograph of Preston Market and mural

At Darebin, we’ve always proudly advocated for issues that matter most to our community. These are our current top advocacy priorities.

Darebin’s key advocacy priorities for 2022 to 2026 are set out in the ‘For all of us’ booklet. This document outlines the opportunities available to the different tiers of government to advance policies, develop projects and improve the delivery of services to meet the needs of our growing community.

At Darebin, we’re committed to putting the community first. That means striving to ensure our services continue to support all our residents, no matter their background. And it means working with the State and Federal Governments to help deliver the services that Darebin needs, targeted to those who need them most. Our advocacy priorities are also broken down by area of the City below.

Download 'For all of us' booklet(PDF, 15MB)

Revitalising Reservoir

  • Seeking Federal and State investment for Reservoir Leisure Centre redevelopment.
  • Expand work of Reservoir Revitalisation Board; creating local jobs, skills and training opportunities.
  • Improve safety at Boldrewood Parade and Broadway intersection.
  • New electric bus route along proposed Suburban Rail Link corridor.
  • New bus route and bus lane connecting La Trobe Uni to Burnley Station.
  • Upgrade route 86 tram stops for accessibility.
  • Fund feasibility study to extend Route 11 tram to Edwardes St and establish interim electric bus service for this route.
  • Construction of Edwardes Lake playspace.
  • Funding for Donath East, John Hall and KP Hardiman Pavilions.
  • GE Robinson Park trees and fitness equipment.
  • Tracey Reserve seats and trees.
  • Rewilding Cheddar Road and building Ruthven Wetland.
  • CH Sullivan Park playspace upgrade and trees.

Prosperous Preston

  • Protect Preston Market
  • Renew Harding Bridge
  • Upgrade route 86 tram stops for accessibility
  • Improve St Georges Road cycling corridor
  • Address safety at Miller Street, High Street, Plenty Road and Dundas Street
  • Improve safety of tram roundabout at Miller Street and Gilbert Road
  • Improve pedestrian and cyclist safety at Elizabeth, Bell and Nicholson Street intersection
  • Redevelop Preston City Oval pavilion and lighting
  • Upgrade TW Blake, HP Zwar and AG Davis Parks and WK Larkins Reserve.

Strengthening our southern suburbs

  • Fairfield safety improvements, including new pedestrian crossing on Station Street at Wingrove Street
  • New pedestrian crossing at Elizabeth Street and Raymond Street
  • Preston-CBD Safe Cycling Corridor
  • Build Alphington Rail Spur shared use path
  • Permanent bike lanes for Heidelberg Road
  • New bus route and bus lane connecting La Trobe Uni to Burnley Station
  • Partner with Council for works allowing sharing of Northcote Public Golf Course between golf and park users