Animal attacks

Dog poking its head through a fence

If you or your animal have been attacked by a dog, you can report the issue to us. Find out how our animal rangers will investigate.

If you or your animal have been attacked by a dog, you can report the issue to be investigated by us.

We understand the incident may have caused you a lot of distress, but it is important to write down details of the incident as early as possible to help the investigation process.

An animal ranger will investigate the matter and contact you about the incident as soon as possible.

Dog attacks in our neighbourhood are a serious concern and can cause a lot of distress for the parties affected. Dog owners can be fined if their dog attacks a person or animal outside their property, someone accessing the front door of their property, or by someone invited onto the property.

An attack can lead to court action, and dog owners can face payouts for damages, and substantial fines if convicted.

In some cases the dog could be declared by Council Officers as a 'menacing dog' which requires the dog owner to have the dog microchipped and retained on a leash and muzzle while in public.

Dog owners who do not comply with menacing dog requirements can have their dog declared as a 'dangerous dog' which means stricter controls on the housing, exercise and ownership of dangerous dogs or in some situations the dogs can be ordered to be destroyed.

The owners of dangerous dogs can be jailed for up to 5 years if their dog endangers someone's life, or for up to 10 years if their dog kills someone.

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