Preparing for your excursion

Everything you need to plan for a fun and safe educational excursion to Bundoora Park Farm.

Terms, conditions and risk management

Please read our terms and conditions(PDF, 131KB) carefully to ensure you understand the details of your excursion booking.

The following risk management documents and links are available to help you complete your excursion risk assessment.

What to bring

Children will need to bring morning snack, lunch and weather appropriate clothing. For schools with uniform codes, we recommend students come in their sports uniform as this is less restrictive and easier to clean after a day on the farm. Please check the forecast as your visit approaches. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Hot and sunny: hats and sunscreen
  • Inclement and drizzling: waterproof jacket / raincoat, warm clothing and closed toe shoes / gumboots

Arriving at Bundoora Park Farm

Entrance is through the café or visitor reception within Bundoora Park (enter from 1069 Plenty Rd, Bundoora). Teachers should make themselves known at the Bundoora Park Farm Visitor reception. An education team member will greet you and outline the plan for the day.


If booking a full day program, a room will be made available for you to store bags, lunches and belongings. It is recommended that valuables be carried with you.


We ask schools to consider the following guidelines:

  • Students remain the responsibility of the teacher at all times. We require that there are two supervising teachers or adults with the group at all times.
  • School groups are asked to move through the farm respectfully and consider animals and members of the public.

Students and adult helpers should understand the needs of the animals and behave accordingly – loud noises and sudden movements can upset the animals.

Please have your adult helpers read the notes for parent helpers document(PDF, 62KB) before the excursion so they understand their role during the day.