Non-compliant pools and spas

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Understand your responsibilities as a pool or spa owner, and what happens if you don't comply.

You're responsible for the registration and inspection of your pool, spa and safety barrier, to ensure they meet safety regulations. If you don't comply with our directions, we may refer the issue to a magistrate.

Non-compliance and inspection fees

Fees apply during the pool and spa registration and inspection process. We set non-compliance fees, but we're not responsible for commercial inspection fees that your provider charges. For this reason, we encourage you to get multiple quotes.

If your inspector finds an issue with your safety barriers and you don't resolve it within 60 days, you may receive a non-compliance certificate. A fee of $413.40 applies in this case.

For more information please refer to Victorian Building Authority website.

Lodge a non-compliance certificate

If you're a building surveyor or inspector, submit your request below. You'll be asked to identify the property as the first step in your application.

Apply for non-compliance certificate

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