Owner builder

Find out about your responsibilities as an owner builder and how to go about becoming registered.

Owner builder

An owner builder is responsible for obtaining their own building permits, supervision and ensuring that the works are completed to current building regulations and standards.

It involves both legal requirements and potential risks to be aware of which include:

  • Obtaining and meeting the requirements of the building permit
  • Obtaining certification as required on works completed
  • Managing the different trades onsite
  • Rectifying any defective work
  • Maintaining a safe work site
  • Maintaining current insurances

Before you are able to commence a project as an owner builder in Victoria, you need to complete training and registration via the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

Ensure that you understand the responsibilities involved, as your obligations remain for several years after the building project has been completed. Read more at the VBA website to gain a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities involved and how to proceed through the knowledge assessment and application.

More information

Building Department
Phone: 03 8470 8899
Email: building@darebin.vic.gov.au