Health premises regulations

All Health Premises in Darebin must meet health regulations in order to operate. Health premises include hairdressers, beauty, piercing and more.

All Health Premises in Darebin must meet health regulations in order to operate. Health premises such as hairdressers, beauty parlours, body piercing and ear piercing premises and tattooists must meet all health regulations.

Health guidelines for personal care and body art industries

Read up on the Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines for Hair, Beauty, Tattooing and Skin Penetration Industries that assist business owners in the personal care and body art industries to comply with the Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 2001.

For more information, read the Victorian Department of Health's Health Guidelines for Personal Care and Body Art Industries.

Registering a Public Health and Wellbeing Act business

All health and beauty businesses must register their health premises with Council.

To register your health business, you will need to complete the following:

Step 1: Planning permit and/or building permit

Prior to registering your health business all relevant Planning and Building Permits must be obtained. If a Planning or Building Permit is required, do not commence any work on the premises until you have received the required permits.

If you proceed with the works and commence operating without the required permits, you will be required to stop operating your business until you have the necessary permits.

Step 2: Plans submission and approval

Two copies of the premises' floor plans must be submitted and approved before commencing works to the premises. Plans must be drawn on A4 or A3 sized paper, showing:

  • The use of each area of the premises
  • Identifying procedures to be carried out
  • Location of all fittings, hand basins, sinks and equipment details of floors, walls, ceilings, fittings and their finishes.

Contact the Better Approvals Team for further advice before submitting your application.

Step 3: Progress inspections

Regular inspections are carried throughout the construction process, which leads to the approval of the plans. The premises must not be opened to the public until the Health department have given you an approval.

Step 4: Final inspection and application for registration

Once the premises has been given final approval to open for business, the health officer will provide you with an "Application for Public Health and Wellbeing Act" registration form.

At the final inspection, the health officer will require a completed "Application for Public Health and Wellbeing Act New Registration Form" and payment of the New registration fee.

Once payment has been processed, the Certificate of Registration will be posted out to you within two weeks.

Purchasing an existing business

Health premises inspections can be arranged upon request for new businesses, or if you are intending on purchasing a business. The inspection will help determine what work needs to be done to bring the premises up to standard.

Your request should be made two weeks prior to settlement to ensure any outstanding items are completed prior to the sale of the business, otherwise these outstanding items become the responsibility of the new owner. You need to submit a Request for a Premises Inspection form with payment.

Further information

Health Protection
Phone: 03 8470 8658