Our animal initiatives

We are working to reduce the number of dog attacks, increase the number of pets registered and micro-chipped, and reduce euthanasia rates.

We are working to reduce the number of dog attacks, increase the number of pets registered and micro-chipped, and reduce euthanasia rates.

We are educating the community about responsible pet ownership and have a number of initiatives that are working to:

  • reduce the number of dog attacks
  • increase the proportion of pets registered and micro-chipped, and
  • reduce euthanasia rates

Some of our initiatives include:

  • A lost and found Facebook page that is helping to reunite owners with their pets - Darebin Lost Animals.
  • Partnering with rescue groups so they can rehouse more animals and extending the holding period at our pound service provider.
  • Educating the community about responsible pet ownership, including the benefits of desexing, registration and micro-chipping.
  • The creation of a Rescue Officer position.

Sadly, there will always be a high number of unwanted or abandoned animals in the community which means there will always be animals that can't be rehomed. Examples include feral cats that kill native animals, diseased animals or dangerous dogs that pose an unacceptable risk to people an their pets. You can also help by choosing to adopt a pet from a reputable animal shelter or rescue group.

Domestic Animal Management Plan

Our Domestic Animal Management Plan explains how we manage domestic animals (pets) in the City of Darebin, and the animal management services we provide.

The plan outlines how we promote responsible pet ownership and manage nuisance animals, dog attacks and pet registrations within the community.

Victorian councils are legally required to prepare and implement a Domestic Animal Management Plan every 4 years.

Our current Domestic Animal Management Plan was adopted in February 2022.

Animal collection statistics

Epping Animal Welfare Facility

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our community, including our animals.

The good news is that the Epping Animal Welfare Facility saw a drop in stray animal impounds and surrenders and saw an unprecedented demand for animals for community members to adopt.

With a large proportion of people confined to their homes, and social interaction limited, many people sought companionship by fostering or adopting an animal.

Like other parts of the community, the RSPCA staff at the Epping Animal Welfare Facility adapted their services to operate in a COVID safe way. Animals were available for viewing by appointment and online adoption applications were available to the public.

Find animals that are available for adoption at the Epping Animal Welfare Facility.

Contract review

The RSPCA commenced the operation of pound services at the Epping Animal Welfare Facility on 16 October 2017 with a contract term of 10 years, with a mid-term review milestone.

In 2021, ahead of the mid-term review milestone in the contract, we will review of these services to look at whether there are opportunities to strengthen services including its foster and volunteer programs.

Animal rescue group partnerships

Council has developed a number of community animal Rescue Group partnerships to support the most vulnerable animals.

Orphaned kittens

Council has implemented a Neonate Rescue Program for orphaned kittens weighing 500 grams or less. All these kittens are referred to our rescue partner, Maneki Neko Cat Rescue who have many dedicated foster carers who can provide the care they need. Maneki Neko Cat Rescue raises these kittens and they are then made available for adoption through their adoption program.

For more information on our rescue partners, see our Adopt a pet page.

Surrendered animals

Most animals that are surrendered to us by residents who can no longer give them a home are offered to our community Rescue Group partners for a safe and smooth transition into a new home.

This is often a traumatic and confusing time for an animal and so, transfer into a foster home whilst a new permanent home is sought, is a great way to transition an animal whilst reducing their stress at a difficult time.