Milestone year for Clyde Street Kindergarten

It’s a year of celebrations for Thornbury’s Clyde Street Kindergarten.

As the kindergarten marks its 70-year anniversary, educator Maria Callegari celebrates an impressive 40 years of teaching – 18 of those at Clyde Street.

In its seven decades, Clyde Street Kindergarten has nurtured and educated countless local children through their important early years.

Maria credits the kindergarten’s welcoming environment and community feel for its longevity, as well as a commitment to “aiming high” to achieve the best outcomes for each child.

As for her own significant milestone, Maria says she is proud of her work mentoring other teachers, and the impact she has at such a crucial time in a child’s development.

“Everything happens in that first eight years (of a child’s life) – it’s just as simple as that,” Maria says.

“I love gardening too, so to use that analogy, if I’m looking after that seedling, it’s going to grow into a beautiful tree.

She says seeing children’s breakthrough moments is what has kept her teaching for so long.

“The lightbulb moments – whenever I see a child ‘get it’, that’s the best. They just work it all out, and they’re so proud of themselves and I think that, for me, is why I’ve done it.”

Clyde Street Kindergarten’s 70th birthday celebration will be held on Saturday 28 October.

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