Lost or damaged bins

Image of person putting rubbish bag in bin

Has your bin been lost, stolen or damaged? Perhaps you've moved into a property that doesn't have a bin. We can help.

My bin was lost or stolen

We can replace lost or stolen bins and you can request a replacement bin online.

Select which bin needs replacing. You'll be asked to enter your address, then follow the prompts.

Rubbish bin lost or stolen

Recycling bin lost or stolen

Green waste bin lost or stolen

My property has never had bins

If you recently moved into a property and don't have a waste or recycling bin, it's quick and easy to order a bin online.

Select your property type, enter your address, then follow the prompts.

New bin for residential property

New bin for commercial property

Damaged bins

If your bin is damaged, we'll repair it. If we need to replace your bin, we'll use our standard 80 litre bin, unless you have a valid larger bin permit.

Replace a damaged rubbish bin

Report a damaged recycling bin

Report a damaged green waste / FOGO bin

80 litre bins in Darebin

If we replace your bin, you'll receive a standard 80 litre bin (with a red bin) unless you have a permit for a larger bin.

We've been using 80 litre bins since 1996. Some of you may still have 120 or 140 litre bins from the former City of Preston, but these bins are more than 20 years old. We expect to gradually replace them with 80 litre bins in the coming years.

If you think you need a larger bin, you can apply for a larger bin permit. Fees may apply depending on the size of your household.

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