Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy and Guidelines

It’s time to renew our outdoor dining and trading policy and design guidelines and we want your feedback.

Outdoor dining has become a great part of Darebin life.

We want to make sure we have the best approach to managing it into the future so it is equitable and accessible for everyone.

We want to make sure the new policy and guidelines make outdoor dining equitable and accessible, supporting businesses and supporting the diverse community so you can continue to go local and dine local!

The updated policy and guidelines provide clear and simple guidance to businesses that consider establishing new or extend existing outdoor dining and trading areas, including parklets.

Let us know what you think of the draft Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy and Outdoor Dining and Trading Design Guidelines. 

Do they make outdoor dining accessible, fair and equitable for all? Are the new fee structures and quotas fair and reasonable? Have we missed anything?

Have your say by 11 December 2023.