Our corporate profile

Darebin City Council

Darebin is one of the most diverse communities in Victoria. Learn more about our history and values.

Darebin City Council is in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and was established on 22 June 1994 as part of the government amalgamation. We’re home to one of the largest, most diverse communities in Victoria. Our population is over 140,000 and residents originate from 126 countries and speak 119 languages at home. More than 1600 residents are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage.

We have diverse cultures, languages, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, employment statuses, occupations and housing needs. Our people have a range of opinions, aspirations and expectations.

We are leaders in environmental sustainability and social justice. We often work with neighbouring municipalities to promote awareness and encourage community participation.

Our diverse community

We aim for an inclusive work environment that values the contribution of all employees and treats them with dignity and respect. Our vision is for a community that works together to advance community life.

We’re proud of our workforce diversity and recognise how it helps us meet community needs. We’re committed to a positive and supportive work environment which encourages continuous learning and achievement of business goals.

Our values

Our organisational values give us common ground and guide us to work together to deliver service excellence.

We are collaborative

We’re united by a common purpose to serve the community. We work together, connecting within our teams and across the organisation. We are inclusive and collaborative. We are one.

We have integrity

We act with integrity and transparency in our conversations and decisions. Through open and clear communication, we build trust. We’re honest. We walk the talk.

We are accountable

We’re empowered to own and take responsibility for our actions. We follow through on our commitments and deliver on our promises. We make it happen.

We show respect

We’re diverse, inclusive, respectful and caring. We encourage everyone to have a voice and we listen to each other. We recognise one another’s contributions and treat people fairly. We look after each other.

We are creative

We’re bold, courageous and innovative. We try new things, experiment and continuously improve. We’re open-minded, creative and forward-thinking. We are leaders.

We make a difference

We’re driven by a desire to make a difference for the people we serve. Our work is purposeful and has a positive impact on the community. We’re proud to work here. Our work matters.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

We’re committed to providing a workplace that respects and values our employees, and is free from all forms of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

We’re an equal opportunity employer and we value the contributions a diverse workforce can make. We ensure we give fair, equitable and non-discriminatory consideration to all applicants regardless of age, sex, disability, marital status, pregnancy, race/ethno-religious background, industrial activity, gender identity, sexual orientation, status as a parent or career, political activity, or irrelevant criminal record.

Our employees will conduct themselves in a way that keeps the workplace free from discrimination, harassment and bullying, in accordance with the Excellence in Governance Code of Conduct.

Child-safe city – our commitment

We pride ourselves on being a child-safe organisation with zero tolerance for child abuse. We recognise our legal and moral responsibilities to keep children and young people safe from harm. We promote their health and wellbeing and support their best interests.

Our Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct, Safeguarding Children Policy, and procedures and training support our leadership, employees and volunteers to achieve our commitments.

We create environments where all children, including children with a disability, Aboriginal children, and children from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds, have a voice. We listen to children, respect their views and allow them to contribute to how we plan, design and implement services and activities.

Occupational Health and Safety

We aim to remove or reduce risks to the health, safety and welfare of our employees, Councillors, contractors, suppliers, visitors and anyone who our services impact. Please read our Occupational Health and Safety Commitment for more information.