Syringe disposal

syringe disposal

Learn how to safely dispose of syringes, pen needles and lancets.

Do you know how to properly dispose of syringes?

Disposing of sharps used at home

Syringes, pen needles and lancets are medical waste that need to be disposed of safely. Only use approved sharps containers.

We provide free sharps containers for Darebin residents for personal use. They are available for collection and drop off once you have fill them at any Customer Service Centre. If you have any questions about safe disposal, you can call our Health Protection team on 03 8470 8658, our Customer Service via details at the bottom of this page.

The Victorian government also run a Needle and Syringe Program that includes even more locations for drop off and support. If you would like info about diabetes, visit the Diabetes Victoria or Diabetes Australia websites.

Information for businesses

Businesses that use sharps for services they provide, such as acupuncturists and doctors, must arrange for disposal via a private contractor. To find a contractor look under ‘medical waste disposal’ in the Yellow Pages or search online.

Syringes in public places

If you come across a discarded syringe in a public place, you can contact our customer service team to have it safely removed.

If you would like to dispose of the syringe yourself, only do so if you are prepared and feel comfortable to do so. This safe retrieval and disposal of needles document(PDF, 20KB) provides clear instructions on how to dispose of a discarded syringe.

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