Other recycling options

We may not be able to process all of your recyclables, but there are a range of organisations that can help.

Recycling soft plastic

Soft plastic is any plastic item that you can scrunch into a ball in your hand.

We recommend cutting down on soft plastics where you can, buying in bulk and bringing your own containers. You can use the Sustainable Darebin Map to find Darebin's single-use plastic free shops. When you're shopping try and choose the option with the least amount of packaging choose products with paper or cardboard packaging.

Soft plastics must go into your general waste. You cannot put your soft plastics in your food and green waste bin or your mixed recycling bin.

For more information visit our soft plastics FAQs.

Recycling Near You

The Recycling Near You website has information on:

  • what you can and can't recycle
  • where to drop electronic waste, batteries, printer cartridges, whitegoods, furniture and much more
  • the location of supermarket recycling bins for single-use plastic shopping bags.

For more information, visit the Recycling Near You website or call the Recycling Hotline during business hours on 1300 733 712.

Even more recycling options

These organisations may be able to help you recycle unwanted goods:

  • Ziilch: Simple online recycling of unwanted goods
  • Freecycle: A non-profit portal for exchanging unwanted goods for free
  • Ozrecycle: Another way to give and get things for free instead of sending them to landfill