Solar Saver for businesses

Solar panels on a factory roof

Businesses and other organisations within Darebin can register for the Solar Saver Bulk Buy Program for installations up to 100kW.

Businesses and other organisations within Darebin can also register for the Solar Saver Bulk Buy Program for Solar PV installations up to 100kW and reverse cycle air-conditioner (split system) installations up to 10kW. Solar can be a very good investment for businesses, as you are using the power while it’s being generated and future-proofing your energy bills. There can also be many co-benefits, such as:

  • reducing the need for grid connection upgrades,
  • marketing advantages over your non-solar powered competitors and
  • meeting environmental requirements on tender applications.

It’s not a problem if you’re renting your business premises, you just need to work out some details and get permission from the property owner. Darebin Solar Bulk Buy Staff can assist you with this process.

Case Study: Charles Sandford Woodturning & Joinery

Join business owners like Charlie, owner of Charles Sandford Woodturning & Joinery, who installed 92kW of solar to reduce his business’ carbon emissions and lower his energy bills.

Charles Sandford Woodturning & Joinery is a specialist company based around a love of timber and the creation of fine furniture, custom doors and windows and cabinets in several workshops in Preston.

“Solar is the way to go. We work when the sun is up and use that power as it’s generated.”

Charlie says: “As a matter of conscience we are trying to reduce our carbon emissions through everything we do and it does reflect in the values we have and the people who work here. I think the customers see that at some level. It doesn’t hurt anybody to do the right thing.”

“I can’t think of any of the investments we made in saving energy as being bad ones and usually there are pleasant side effects. We run this big workshop with quite a small electricity supply and that is an example of a good side effect.”

Solar system size Year Cost to Implement Annual electricity savings Financial payback Annual CO2Savings
28kW 2015 $83,000 $14,000 6 years 96T CO2
64kW 2020

Video case studies

Watch through our Sustainable Business playlist to hear from organisations that have installed solar through our Solar Saver Program, in particular:


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