Amendment C210dare Open Space Contributions

We are proposing a change to open space contributions.

As our city grows open space becomes more and more important for people, plants, wildlife and the environment to survive and thrive.

We collect contributions from new subdivisions to help fund open space improvements to meet the needs of Darebin’s growing population.

The current Open Space Contribution rates for new subdivisions are not reflective of the community’s needs. Without adequate funding access to quality open spaces for our community will decline.

Council’s current open space contribution rates are relatively low compared to other municipalities, generally ranging between 2-5% of land value depending on the intensity of development. 

Amendment C210dare proposes changes to the open space contribution rates. 

This proposed amendment would remove the mandatory 2-4% contribution rates for smaller subdivisions and allow Council to determine theappropriate contribution rate (up to 5%) on a case-by-case basis.

Find out more and have your say in your preferred language until 22 March 2024

Amendment C210dare Open Space Contributions