Northcote Golf Course

After community consultation, Northcote Golf Course is set to have a nine-hole public golf course and five hectares of open space to enjoy.

The Northcote Public Golf Course site is on approximately 25 hectares of Council land next to the Merri Creek, Mayer Park and Normanby Avenue. The site is currently leased as a public golf course with a contract in place until 31 December 2022. During COVID-19 lockdowns, the site became a popular location for the wider community to use for walking and picnicking.

Council conducted community consultation to develop a vision and plan for shared use of the site in 2021, which resulted in more than 7,000 community views being submitted in a community survey. 

Responding to this engagement at its meeting on Monday 23 May 2022, Council endorsed the site continuing to operate as a nine-hole golf course, while also setting aside 5.72 hectares of the site as dedicated open space for the wider community to enjoy.

At this meeting Council also called for a briefing on the terms and conditions of a new golf course management contract for the course, including options that might activate the course for golf prior to 3pm, with non-golf options after 3pm. Following this briefing, at a Council meeting on Monday 25 July 2022, it was resolved that the 3pm finish option would not be investigated further.

This opened the way for Council to advertise for a public tender for operation of the Northcote Public Golf Course. The future management contract and operating model will encourage the successful applicant to explore creative options to activate the golf course, including opportunities for people wanting to get involved in golf-related and non-golf activities.


Next steps

Following Council’s decisions on 23 May 2022 and 25 July 2022, actions underway to implement these decisions include:

  • Officers are working towards the delivery of the reshaped dedicated golf course and dedicated open space areas to be ready for use by 1 January 2023.
  • Intense maintenance and renewal efforts
  • Design of new eastern path
  • Design of northern park
  • Planning for new green, new fairway and new tee locations
  • The operational management tender has been advertised and Council consider this later in 2022.

Council will consider further investment into the space (construction of eastern path, construction of northern park, any construction of green improvements and the introduction of other assets) when it prepares its 2023/24 budget.

Investment table from the 23 May 2023 report

Capital Activity



Design for golf course/construction of new fairway, green and tees/decommission southern fairway


Design and due diligence of new eastern boundary path


New eastern path construction


Design and due diligence of new northern park adjacent to Mayer Park


Construction of northern park

Subject to design

Intense renewal works along the Bracken Creek


New minor assets


Approximately 10% contingency (total)