Protect Preston Market

Preston Market is the heart of our community, but its unique features are under threat of unnecessary demolition.

As Darebin has evolved and flourished, so has Preston Market, providing so much to so many. A meeting place for social groups and older residents, play spaces for young families, employment for traders and staff, fresh, affordable food for the whole community and of course – a place to come together for great coffee!

We are fighting to protect the historical, cultural and social value of the market itself, and to ensure that any developments in the precinct are designed with consideration for the site’s heritage as well as its potential.

Council will continue to work with our community to #protectprestonmarket – let’s keep up the fight together!

Now is the time to act. There are a few ways you can join the fight to help Protect Preston Market:

  1. Sign Darebin’s petition to Protect Preston Market
  2. Pick up a FREE Protect Preston Market fence sign from our customer service offices in Preston and Northcote.
  3. Tell everyone what you love about Preston Market on social media using the hashtag #protectprestonmarket

The fight to Protect Preston Market has been a long one. Read about what’s happened so far, community consultation, Council’s vision for the market and the latest updates at the Preston Market Your Say page.