Venue hire support

Venue Hire Support are in-kind grants for the use of selected Council venues during the 2023—24 financial year.

Venue hire support aims to:

  • Encourage community access to and use of nominated Council owned facilities
  • Enable community organisations and groups to provide programs and activities at a reasonable cost
  • Maximise use of Council owned venues by residents of Darebin

Before starting your application, please contact the venue you are interested in to get a quote and make a booking.

Venue Phone

Preston City Hall or Preston Shire Hall

03 8470 8649

Darebin Intercultural Centre

03 8470 8440

Darebin Arts Centre

03 8470 8280

Donald Street Community Hall, Preston

03 8470 8110

Fairfield Community Room

03 8470 8110

Clyde Street Community Hall, Thornbury

03 8470 8110

GE Robinson Pavilion, Reservoir

03 8470 8110

Preston Library Meeting Rooms

Northcote Library Meeting Rooms

1300 655 355

Contact via Libraries website

Reservoir Community and Learning Centre

03 9496 1021 or 03 8470 8110

Keon Park Children 's Hub

03 8470 8022

Thornbury Early Years Centre

03 8470 8347
Fairfield Activity Room
03 8470 8347


  • Venue hire support applications for the use of the Darebin Intercultural Centre, Thornbury Early Years Centre, Fairfield Activity Room, Darebin Arts Centre are subject to specific eligibility criteria
  • All bookings are tentative until applications have been assessed, approved and venue hire support has been allocated

Our 2023—24 round closed on 31 May 2023. The outcome of all applications in this round will be announced early August 2023.