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Join in the conversation about our projects and help us make decisions that reflect your priorities.

Join in the conversation about our projects and help us make decisions that reflect your priorities.

Your Say Darebin is our website dedicated to conversations about our projects and initiatives and provides you with an opportunity to have a say and help us make decisions that reflect your priorities and views.

Your Say Darebin also has an archive of past projects so you can see the results of previous conversations we've held with the Darebin community.

Head over to our engagement website Your Say Darebin to see what's happening, and have your say on projects in your community.

Find details and links to the latest consultations below.

Edwardes Lake Park Dog Off-Lead Area

Tell us what you think of our design for a new off-lead dog area at Edwardes Lake Park. Located at Seaver Grove in Reservoir West, this will be a dedicated green space for the community to socialise and exercise their dogs. To view the draft design and submit your feedback visit Your Say Darebine Edwardes Lake Park Dog Off-Lead Area.

Delivering for our community

We are asking the people of Darebin to get involved and share their views on our strategic priorities for the coming four years, our annual budget and our 10-year financial plan. Visit the Your Say Darebin Delivering for our community page.

Revenue and Rating plan 2021-2025

The Darebin community is now invited to have a say on how Council plans to generate the income needed to deliver its programs, services and capital works commitments for the next four years. Visit the Your Say Darebin Revenue and Rating Plan page.

Darebin Toy Library Review

We are now undertaking a review of the service as we want to ensure Darebin’s Toy Library continues to be contemporary, accessible, affordable and responsive to Darebin’s diverse community, particularly those most vulnerable and/or experiencing disadvantage. If you have children aged between 0-6 years, we would love to hear from you. Visit the Your Say Darebin Toy Library Review page.

Design your Darebin, 2041

We’re starting with the development of a 20-year Community Vision, to be owned and designed by the people of Darebin and we need your help! We want to hear your aspirations for our City and better understand the things you love as well as the things you don’t, so we can work together to make Darebin the best it can be in 2041. Visit the Your Say Darebin Design Your Darebin page.

Extended Outdoor Dining in Darebin

Darebin Council is working with our local hospitality businesses to actively support them in welcoming back customers into new outdoor settings. Council’s Extended Outdoor Dining Project(External link) aims to increase outdoor dining spaces in a COVID Safe, socially distanced environment. Visit the Your Say Darebin Extended outdoor dining page.

Darebin's Multi-Sport Stadium

Council is developing a Multi-Sport Stadium (MSS) at John Cain Memorial Park in Thornbury. The facility will have four indoor courts for a range of sports such as netball, basketball, badminton, volleyball and roller derby and will be a 5 star Green Star certified building. Visit the Your Say Darebin Multi-Sport Stadium page.

Penders Park Master Plan

Darebin Council has worked extensively with the community, including a Project Control Group (PCG) made up of local residents, to design and develop the Penders Park Master Plan. Visit the Your Say Darebin Penders Park Master Plan page.

Darebin Budget 2021-22

This year’s Budget outlines how we will deliver services and programs to our community in line with the first year of priorities of our four-year Council Plan. Visit the Your Say Darebin Budget 2021-22 page.

Review of Mayoral and Councillor Allowances

Councils are required to review allowance levels by 30 June in the year following a general election. Darebin Council is proposing to retain the annual allowances for the Mayor and Councillors at the maximum limit set for a Category 3 Council and is seeking submissions from the community. Visit the Your Say Darebin Review of Mayoral and Councillor Allowances page.

Domestic Animal Management Plan

Darebin City Council, Moreland City Council and Whittlesea City Council are working together to understand community views in regards to animal management. Community feedback will be used to help prepare a draft Domestic Animal Management Plan specific to each municipality, but which also identifies opportunities for collaboration and cooperation between the councils. Visit the Your Say Darebin Domestic Animal Management Plan page.

Darebin Community Engagement Policy

Council has created a new Community Engagement Policy to make sure the community has a voice in our decision making and to make it easier for all members of our community participate in important conversations about future projects. Visit the Your Say Darebin Community Engagement Policy page.

Darebin’s first pop-up bike lane trial

After the pop-up bike lane trial finished, Council resolved at its meeting on Monday 22 March 2021 to remove the temporary bicycle lane and return the street layout of South Crescent to its previous condition. Visit the Your Say Darebin Pop-up bike lane trial page.

Cat Curfew

At its meeting on 17 August 2020, Darebin Council made the decision to formally adopt a dusk till dawn cat curfew (7pm and 7am), which would be effective from 1 January 2021. Visit the Your Say Darebin cat curfew page.

Bill Lawry Oval Redevelopment

Darebin Council has an exciting opportunity to revitalise the sporting facilities at Bill Lawry Oval (BLO) in Northcote, to give our community access to the highest quality facilities. Council will focus on finding the most appropriate design solutions for how the facility can best cater for the requirements of the tenant Australian rules football, netball and cricket clubs, as well as how it can be used for a range of different community uses. Visit the Your Say Darebin Bill Lawry Oval Redevelopment page.


Get the full list of current and past community consultations at our Your Say Darebin website.