Draft Budget 2023-24

Have your say on our draft budget for 2023-24.

In February, we asked you to help shape our 2023/24 Budget by telling us what was important to you. Your feedback gave us a clear idea of the community’s priorities during these financially challenging times.

We heard your feedback and have reviewed our budget so we can meet community needs while ensuring our financial sustainability.

This year’s draft budget totals $224.2 million, with a $194.2 million operating budget and an investment of $30 million in capital works including:

  • $15 million towards parks and open space
  • $2.4 million towards sustainable transport
  • $15 million towards aged and disability
  • $10.5 million towards facilities and infrastructure
  • $3.6 million towards community wellbeing
  • $10 million towards recreation and leisure
  • $24.4 million towards waste management
  • $8.8 million towards families and children
  • $8.6 million towards creative culture
  • $5.6 million towards libraries and learning
  • $5.2 million towards climate and environment
  • $3 million towards economic development

Our 2023/24 Annual Budget will deliver:

  • Maintenance of more than 56 sporting ovals and fields
  • Planting of 1200 trees and 100,000 indigenous plants in bush and parkland
  • Maintenance of over 30km of shared paths
  • Approximately 150,000 hours of aged care services, programs and assistance
  • Over 27,000 meals delivered to people in our community
  • Approximately 21,000 immunisations
  • Collection of over 50,000 tonnes of kerbside, recycling and organic waste
  • 72,000km travelled by our street sweepers delivering roadside cleaning.

The Council Plan, 10-year Financial Plan, and 2023/24 Budget are the key documents that set out Council’s proposed priorities for the financial year ahead. There are other policies and plans that have also been revised. These include:

  • The Rates and Hardship Policy which sets out how council supports those in need and;
  • The Rating and Revenue Policy which guides how Council sets rates.

Before we finalise and adopt the Annual Budget 2023-24, revised Council Plan and 10-year Financial Plan and supporting financial documents on 26 June, we’re calling on the Darebin community for any last comments.

Find out more and have your say in your preferred language from 23 May to 6 June

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