Council policies and strategies

Find the full list of our current policies and strategies here.

Council has adopted a number of policies and strategies that will help implement the strategic objectives of its 2021—2025 Council Plan. These strategies say what, when and how we will deliver on our promises.

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The policies and strategies are listed below (along with the month of adoption) :

Policies and strategies Adopted
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Action Plan 2017—2021
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy and Action Plan 2017—2027 July 2017
Access and Inclusion Plan 2021—2026 November 2021
Active Healthy Ageing Strategy 2011—2021
Annual Report 2018—2019 October 2019
Annual Budget 2020—2021 July 2020
Art Collection Policy April 2018
Asset Management Policy October 2017
Asset Management Strategy - 2015—2019
Breathing Space - The Darebin Open Space Strategy September 2019
Bundoora Park Precinct Master Plan 2013—2025
Car Share Policy - February 2015
Central Creek Grassland (Ngarri-djarrang) 5 Year Works Plan - September 2010—2015
CEO Employment and Remuneration Policy December 2021
Christmas Decorations for Darebin Retail Centres Policy - February 2012—2015 February 2012
Civic Recognition - Monuments and Memorials Policy March 2011 (includes Small Memorials and Plaques Policy)
Climate Emergency Plan 2017—2022 August 2017
Community Engagement Policy 2021 September 2021
Confidentiality Policy Handling of Confidential Information by Councillors April 2016
Councillor Briefing Policy March 2016
Councillor Code of Conduct 2021 January 2021
Councillor Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy 2021—2023 March 2021
Councillor Media and Social Media Policy February 2020
Councillor Support and Expenses Policy 2021
Council Plan 2017—2021
Council Plan Action Plan 2020—2021 July 2020
COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy March 2020
Creative and Cultural Infrastructure Framework March 2018
Creative Darebin - Darebin Arts Strategy 2014—2020 December 2013
Cycling Strategy 2013—2018 December 2012
Darebin Creek Management Plan November 2017
Development Contributions Plan June 2003 - Revised 2015
Domestic Animal Management Plan 2022—2025 February 2022
Donath and Dole Reserves Master Plan August 2014
Early Years Infrastructure Plan 2011—2031
Early Years Plan 2011—2021 October 2011
Early Years Strategy 2011—2021
Economic Land Use Strategy September 2014
Electoral Advertising Signage and Electioneering Policy 2020 June 2020
Electronic Gaming Machine Policy 2018—2022 December 2018
Electronic Gaming Machine Policy Action Plan 2018—2022 December 2018
Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) Building Policy May 2018
Fairfield Village Built Form Guidelines December 2017
Fairfield Village Heritage Assessment December 2017
Food Security and Nutrition Action Plan 2016—2020 September 2016
Footpath Trading Policy November 2015
Gender Equity and Preventing Violence Against Women Action Plan 2019—2023 June 2019
Gender Equity and Preventing Violence Against Women Action Plan 2019—2023 - Appendices June 2019
Graffiti Management Strategy 2019—2023 December 2019
Graffiti Management Action Plan 2019—2023 December 2019
GreenStreets Streetscape Strategy 2012—2020 (includes Nature Strip Policy) December 2013
Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017—2021 December 2017
Housing Strategy 2013 - revised June 2015
Integrated Weed Management Strategy 2019—2023 December 2019
Junction Urban Master Plan : From Pavement to Place March 2014
Leisure Strategy - August 2010—2020
Leisure Strategy 2015—2020 Action Plan October 2015
Libraries and Learning Strategy 2020—2024
August 2020
Libraries Strategy 2014—2019

Management of Tree Protection on Private Property Policy 2019 April 2019
Management Plan Cherry Street Grassland Reserve June 2004
Natural Heritage Strategy 2015—2025 October 2015
Northcote Activity Centre Structure Plan April 2007
Northern Reservoir Streets for People Corridor Strategy 2019 November 2019
Open Space Asset Management Plan - 2010—2014
Outdoor Sports Infrastructure Framework June 2020
Penders Park Master Plan 2019 November 2019
Playspace Strategy July 2010 - 2020
Plenty Road Integrated Land Use and Transport Study March 2013
Preston Central Structure Plan September 2006
Property Asset Management Strategy May 2014
Public Art Framework February 2019
Public Toilet Strategy 2015—2025 April 2016
Public Transparency Policy 2020 July 2020
Rates Financial Hardship Policy February 2018
Recreational Trades in Open Spaces Policy February 2016
Reimagining Ruthven Master Plan June 2020
Reservoir Streetscape Master Plan September 2014
Reservoir Structure Plan 2012—2030
Resident Parking Permit Policy 2017 August 2017
Responding to Local Housing Stress - A Local Action Plan 2013—2017
Review of the Darebin Resident Parking Permit Scheme May 2004
Road and Place Naming Policy June 2014
Road Asset Management Plan June 2016
Road Management Plan 2017 June 2017
Safe Travel Strategy 2018—2028 November 2018
Sale of Minor Council Property Assets Policy May 2015
Single-Use Plastic Free Events Policy February 2018
Darebin Social and Sustainable Procurement Policy 2021—2025
Sporting Fees, Charges and Occupancy Agreement Policy - October 2014 (revised October 2016)

St Georges Road and Plenty Road Corridors Urban Design Framework 2015 September 2017
Strategic Resource Plan 2020—2024 July 2020
Surveillance Systems Policy 2020
Ten Year Capital Works Plan 2020/21—2029/30 July 2020
Towards Equality Framework
September 2020
Transport Strategy October 2007—2027
Tourism A Destination Plan for Darebin Strategy 2016—2021 August 2016
Urban Food Production Strategy 2014—2018 August 2014
Urban Food Production Strategy Implementation Plan 2014—2018 August 2014
Urban Forest Strategy - December 2013—2028
Vehicle Crossing Policy October 2014
Walking Strategy 2018—2028 November 2018
Waste and Recycling Strategy June 2020
Watershed: Towards A Water Sensitive Darebin Whole of Water Cycle Management Strategy 2015—2025 June 2015
Watershed: Towards A Water Sensitive Darebin Whole of Water Cycle Management Strategy 2015—2025 Implementation Plan June 2015
Youth Services Strategy 2019—2021 May 2019