Leasing or licensing Council property

Darebin has a diverse lease and licence portfolio to promote wellbeing, social, environmental, cultural, recreational or economic opportunities.

Council has two roles in the leasing and licensing property:

  • Landlord - we lease or licence Council controlled property to a broad range of tenants and users, including sporting clubs, community organisations, not-for-profit, private and commercial entities, and other parties.
  • Tenant - we lease or licence property owned by other agencies, individuals or organisations to support our service delivery activities.

All prospective tenants for Council controlled property, including existing tenants renegotiating a lease or licence, are required to prepare and submit an online application:

  • the more information that you provide the better we will be able to consider your application.

Apply to lease or licence Council property

We are also required to maintain a Property Agreement Register. This contains information about our leases on land that Council owns, manages and controls including Freehold and Crown Land.

Expressions of Interest (EOIs)

Council will often request expressions of interest to lease or license specific properties in Council’s property portfolio.

We are currently asking suitable parties to express their interest in the below properties:

There are no active requests for expressions of interest at this time.

More information

Email: LeaseandLicensing@darebin.vic.gov.au