Leasing or licensing Council property

Darebin has a diverse lease and licence portfolio to promote wellbeing, social, environmental, cultural, recreational or economic opportunities.

Council has two roles in the leasing and licensing property:

  • Landlord - we lease or licence Council controlled property to a broad range of tenants and users, including sporting clubs, community organisations, not-for-profit, private and commercial entities, and other parties.
  • Tenant - we lease or licence property owned by other agencies, individuals or organisations to support our service delivery activities.

All prospective tenants for Council controlled property, including existing tenants renegotiating a lease or licence, are required to prepare and submit an online application: 

  • the more information that you provide the better we will be able to consider your application.

Apply to lease or licence Council property

We are also required to maintain a Property Agreement Register. This contains information about our leases on land that Council owns, manages and controls including Freehold and Crown Land.

More information

Email: Property.Management@darebin.vic.gov.au