Purchasing Council property

Darebin is committed to ensuring that our property portfolio continues to meet our service delivery requirements, now and in to the future.

Darebin has a large property portfolio of minor and major property assets. As community needs, expectations and our service delivery requirements change over time, some of these property assets are no longer required. They may no longer be used for their original purpose or no longer provide benefit to the community. In these situations, Council‘s property assets may be considered surplus and suitable for sale.

Council has obligations under a range of legislation, including the Local Government Act 2020, for the sale and exchange of Council-owned land. We are also guided by the Local Government Best Practice Guideline for the Sale and Exchange of Land (2009).

Purchasing Minor Council Property Assets

Minor Council Property Assets include roads, reserves, revenge strips, hiatus and other pieces of land of unusual shape and/or limited usefulness that are less than 200m² in area. Information about the process we undertake for the Sale of Minor Council Property Assets can be found in our Sale of Minor Council Property Assets Policy.

Rights of way, laneways

If you are interested in purchasing a right of way or another Minor Council Property Asset, it's quick and easy to do online (about 3 min to complete):

  • Purchase of Right of Ways is assessed on a case by case basis.
  • No guarantee can be given about the outcome of any application.
  • Note: you will need supporting documents such as plans and photographs showing your property and the right of way.

Apply to purchase right of way

More information

Email: SaleofMinorAssets@darebin.vic.gov.au