Rates and responsibilities

Find details on rates, including payment, capping, the rating process, payments, how proceeds are used and your responsibilities as a rate payer.


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For property owners facing difficulties, we've created a Financial Hardship Policy to provide relief.
rate cap
The rate cap applies to the percentage increase in a council's average general rate and municipal charge, find out how this works in Darebin.
paying your rates
We have made paying your rates easier. Find out the different payment methods available, and how to sign up to direct debit so you're always on time.
rate notice
We have made receiving your rates notice easier as you now have the option to receive your rate notice electronically via eNotice or BPAYView.
It is very important that Council is notified if you change your details. This helps us ensure that rates notices are delivered correctly and without delay.
Rates are used to pay for services such as garbage collection, lighting, parks, libraries, roads, emergency services, community care and more.
Property owners and residents are responsible for the upkeep of their property. Fines can be issued if local laws and regulations are not met.
Find out more about what your responsibilities are around fences, boundaries and problem solving with neighbours.
Property owners must ensure that their homes follow meet current building regulations, and that Building Permits are obtained for renovations.