Council Meetings

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Ordinary Council Meetings

Council meetings are forums where Councillors discuss issues and recommendations on a wide-range of issues that guide Council's actions. The meetings provide residents with an opportunity to ask questions of Councillors and to raise issues for Council to consider in its decision-making process.

Meetings are livestreamed and may be accessed from this website. Attendance at the meetings will be in line with the current COVID-19 health restrictions.

Persons wishing to observe the meeting in person, submit a public question or make a submission to an agenda item, are required to register by 12pm on the day of the meeting. See questions and submissions for more information.

Special Council Meetings

Special Council Meetings are unscheduled meetings of the Council and are held when called to deal with specific business.  

Members of the public may attend a Special Council Meeting in person by submitting a registration form online however public questions and submissions are not permitted at Special Council Meetings pursuant to Council’s Governance Rules.

Meetings are livestreamed and may be accessed from this website.

A Special Council Meeting has been called to be held at 6.30pm, Monday 17June 2024 in the Council Chamber, 350 High St, Preston.

The business to be transacted at the meeting will be:

  • Expression of Interest Submissions received on Building 1d & Hothouse at 2 Wingrove St, Alphington
  • Destination: High Street - Vibrant, safe, accessible: Council's Advocacy submission to the Route 86 Tram Project
  • Thornbury High School Kindergarten Report back
  • Draft Electoral Advertising Signage and Electioneering Policy 2024
  • Footpath Trading Policy
  • Property Matters - Sale of Minor Assets - 6 Tasman St & 5 Bischoff St Preston
  • Property Matters - Sale of Minor Assets - 252 & 254 Tyler St Preston
  • Property Matters – Sale of Minor Assets - 182 -184 High St and Butler St Northcote
  • Confidential: CEO Performance Review

The meeting will move into camera pursuant to S66(2) of the Local Government Act 2020 to consider confidential matters. 

2024 Schedule

Council Meetings commence at 6pm (unless otherwise advised)

In person meetings will be held at Preston Council Chambers, First Floor, 350 High Street, Preston 3072 (unless otherwise advised)

Meetings will be hybrid mode (both physical and virtual attendance) unless otherwise stated in the table below.

2024 Council meeting dates

  • 8 January - Special Council Meeting (virtual)
  • 22 January - Special Council Meeting (virtual)
  • 1 February - Special Council Meeting (virtual)
  • 12 February - Special Council Meeting (virtual)
  • 19 February - Special Council Meeting (virtual)
  • 26 February - (virtual) (the Meeting Agenda will be published Wednesday 21 February 2024)
  • 25 March
  • 18 April - Special Council Meeting (virtual)
  • 29 April
  • 27 May
  • 17 June 2024 - Special Council meeting, 6.30pm (hybrid)
  • 24 June
  • 22 July
  • 26 August
  • 23 September
  • 21 October