Guide to keeping cool

Tips for keeping yourself cool and safe during a heatwave.

Climate change is making our summers hotter and longer. Some basic tips to remember during a heatwave are:

  • Keep your home cool
  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • Wear sunscreen, a hat and light, loose clothing if you go outside
  • Keep your body cool and hydrated by drinking water and avoiding alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks.

Webinar recording - "Keep cool, save money"

To learn more about how you can keep cool and save money this summer, check out our webinar recording. Our friends at Uniting give practical advice on how to keep your house cool and save on your electricity and gas bills.

Stay Cool Save Money Webinar video

You can view the slides from the webinar.

Find more great tips on saving energy and saving money in your home. 

Energy Support program

If you would like help to pay your power bills and use less energy in your home, you can contact Uniting on 1800 313 126 or Their Energy Support team can help you understand your bills, talk with your energy provider and get help to pay your bills, and suggest simple steps to save energy in your home. Interpreters are available.

Keep cool in Darebin map

Download the "Keep cool in Darebin" map. This is your guide to where to cool down, get a drink of water and access help on a hot day in Darebin – for free.

For a hard copy of the map, please email

Keep cool postcards

Download our handy postcard for some great tips on keeping cool in your home.

Plan ahead

  • Check weather forecasts often at the Bureau of Meteorology website
  • Reschedule outdoor events, physical or sporting activities on days when extreme heat is forecast
  • If you are on medication, check with your doctor before going out in the summer heat
  • Stock up on food and other essentials so you don't have to leave the house during the heat

Steps for dealing with the heat

  • Drink plenty of water regularly to replenish fluids lost through perspiration.
  • Don't leave people or pets in cars
  • Keep cool by putting a damp towel around your neck and sit in front of a fan or air conditioner
  • Block sunlight from windows with heavy curtains or blinds
  • Stay indoors during the heat of the day
  • Open windows at night to let cooler air in to your house

Heat stress

Signs of heat stress can include headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, irritability, thirst, and heavy sweating. If you feel don't well call your doctor, Nurse-On-Call on 1300 606 024 or in an emergency, call 000 (triple zero).

Check in on others

If you have older, sick or frail neighbours, check in on them on heatwave days to make sure they're okay. Pass on the tips listed above to help them reduce their chances of suffering from a heat related illness.

If they receive services from our Aged and Disability department they can also be put on our Client Heatwave Register so we can check in on them too. For more information call 03 8470 8828.

Heatwave planning

Our Extreme Heat Sub Plan aims to reduce the impact of heatwave on our community through education, service provision and urban design.

More information

Visit the Better Health Channel for more on how to cope and stay safe in extreme heat.