Speak My Language (interpreting services)

speak my language

Residents can call the Multilingual Telephone Line and mention their preferred language and be connected to a Language Aide or an interpreter.

Residents who visit in-person at any Customer Service Centre will also be put in contact with a Language Aide or interpreter (usually over the phone).

More information

Customer Service: 03 8470 8888
Multilingual Telephone Line: 03 8470 8470

Multilingual Telephone Line

Hear more about the multilingual telephone line.

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Welcome to the City of Darebin. We are located eight kilometres north of the CBD with a population of 130,000. We have 120 different nationalities with over 180 languages spoken. And we share a rich story of history, culture, emigration, tradition and language. Over one third of us speak a language other than English at home. Nearly 12,000 speak little or no English at all. Our councillors come from many different backgrounds. We are proud of our diversity, and each day we welcome new arrivals whose first language is not English. We want to meet the needs of everyone in our community. So how can we help residents who have difficulty with English to communicate with counsel in their preferred language? Our multilingual telephone service is here to help with council staff, language aids and interpreters who speak a variety of languages. And if you feel more comfortable coming to see us in person, come on in our customer service team is here for you all are bilingual staff are trained to listen to your needs and help you communicate effectively. No matter your background or the language you speak. All you need to do is dial our number. 8470 8470. Tell us what language you wish to speak in. Wait briefly on hold, as we locate someone who speaks your language or call into our offices in person and our staff will call someone to assist in your language. So if you've got a question about library hours, garbage collection, council services and programs, activities and events, a lost dog or any other council matter, we can help you in any language. Welcome to the City of Darebin. [Final slide 04:06] [Closing slide of City of Darebin logo, text Welcome to the City of Darebin logo, with an icon of a phone and several coloured dots with the text, speak your language, call 8470 8470.]

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