Solar saver for households

Family of 4 with solar panels on their house

Interested in getting solar panels? The Solar Saver Program can arrange a premium installer with the best quality and competitive price for you.

Our Solar Saver program has helped over 2,000 households and businesses access solar. It has also reached a production capacity of 8.7MW and is helping save up to 12,750 tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. This is the equivalent of removing over 4,300 cars of the roads each year.

How will the Solar Saver Program help you?

  • We have done the homework for you, via a competitive tender process, to find a reliable installer and value for money.
  • We have negotiated for longer warranty periods - 10 years on inverter and installation, 12 years for solar PV panel parts and a 25-year performance warranty on panels.
  • We have set a high-quality standard in terms of manufacturing quality and the efficiency of the system.
  • We put you in touch with our current installer. They can provide more information and respond to any questions you may have regarding solar systems and send you a free no obligation quote.

Pay upfront, or pay back over 10 years

There are two ways to participate in the program:


* Quality Assurance (QA) audits may be carried out for each household that have requested this option

Why we chose our installer Envirogroup

Envirogroup are a trusted solar provider selected through an extensive Council tender process. They have over 19 years experience in the installation of solar PV systems and use CEC approved A-grade electricians on every installation. They also have OH&S practices in place to protect you and their staff during the installation.

Servicing and maintenance

You can find out more about servicing and maintaining your solar system on Solar Victoria's website.