Local electric heroes

Households throughout Darebin are making the switch to clean, healthy all-electric homes. Here's some stories from people near you.


Helen standing next to water tanks and a solar powered battery
Helen has converted her 1920s workers cottage in Northcote into a fully electric, gas free, comfortable home.
Lisa and Kristie's house with solar panels on the roof
Making the switch doesn't have to happen all at once or cost a fortune. 
Kirsten charging her Nissan Leaf at home
This Preston family saves hundreds of dollars per year powering their all-electric home and vehicles with clean renewable energy 
Solar panels installed on the roof of Quimby's house
Quimby said that "going electric is a decision you can feel good about."
Solar hot water system
Andres and Rachel renovated and converted their house to all-electric, energy efficient home.
Jodie and Angus in front of their Tesla Powerwall

Angus and Jodie’s home is now about 67% self-sufficient in power in the winter and up to 90% in the summer.

Margaret's house with solar panels on the roof
Now in her ninth decade, Margaret is still doing all she can by electrifying her home. 
Ashok and his family on their eBikes

‘Sheer convenience’: Ashok and Amy’s first travel choice is always an e-bike.

Bo's inverter and fusebox

Bo has made a plan to fully electrify his home.