Annual budget

Our annual budgets detail the financial resources and funding allocations for services, projects and capital works every financial year.

Council approved the 2023/24 Budget in June 2023.

The 2023/24 budget has been carefully developed to deliver the services you told us were most important, underpinned by a strong focus on financial sustainability.

In response to increased economic pressures we have also revised the Council Plan 2021-25 and several other supporting financial documents listed below.

Annual Budgets


2023/24 Budget

Darebin Council Budget 2023-24 (Incorporating the 4 Year Budget)

Final Budget Operating Projects 2023-24

4 Year Capital Works Program 2023-24

Revised 10 Year Financial Plan

Rates Financial Hardship Policy

Revenue and Rating Plan

Council Plan 2021-25 (Revised)

Council Plan Action Plan 2023-24

2022/23 Budget

Darebin Council Budget 2022/23  


2021/22 Budget

Adopted Budget 2021/22

Financial Plan 2021-31

Revenue and Rating Plan 2021/22

2020/21 Budget

Adopted Budget 2020/21

Strategic Resource Plan 2020-24

2019/20 Budget

Adopted Budget 2019/20

Strategic Resource Plan 2019-23

Budget Highlights 2019/20

2018/19 Budget

Adopted Budget 2018/19

Strategic Resource Plan 2018-22

2017/18 Budget

Annual Budget 2017/18

Strategic Resource Plan 2017-21

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