Go electric for homeowners

Information for homeowners on the six steps to moving your home to be all electric.

Why go electric?

More and more people across Darebin are making the switch to electric homes. They're healthy, clean and cheaper to run — especially if you have solar panels.

As gas prices continue to rise, recent modelling by Renew shows that by 2024, households in Melbourne will save $1285 per year on their energy bills by going all-electric — and up to $2700 if they have solar panels.

You can estimate your bill savings at Make the Switch website.

Making the switch to electric homes is also crucial to tackling climate change and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Gas use by Darebin households contributes around 16% of our community's emissions — so when you replace your gas appliances with electric ones, you're not just saving on your future energy bills; you're playing your part in creating a cleaner, safer future for us all.

Take it step by step

Start by learning about what is involved in electrifying your home. Watch this webinar we hosted with energy and sustainability experts Renew to learn more.

Check out our six steps to making your home all-electric. Step one is to make a plan so that when your appliances die, or you renovate, you’ll be ready to go.

Whether it takes you six month or six years, by going all-electric you’ll be among hundreds of households in Darebin investing in a cleaner, safer future while saving on your energy bills.


More information

If you have any questions or want to find out more, please contact us.

Climate Emergency and Sustainable Transport
Email: climateemergency@darebin.vic.gov.au


Reading the Go Electric Action Plan

The first step to going all electric is to make a plan!

Darebin resident standing outside her house with installed solar panels

Solar panels are the engine of an all-electric home and choosing GreenPower ensures you're always using clean, renewable energy.

Split system air conditioner

Switching your heating to clean energy is a great step to transition your home to all-electric.

Solar hot water system
Save up to 75% (or more!) over a traditional electric hot water heater.
Helen cooking on an induction stove
Enjoy the benefits of healthy, safe cooking by switching to induction.
Charging an electric vehicle at home

Bikes, cars, vans – switch to electric and ride or drive into the clean energy future. 

Electricity usage dashboard

If you're keen to read more about how and why to go electric, here are some good resources.